Studium understands that COVID-19 has presented unique challenges to many industries.

That’s why we’re offering to help all candidates, jobseekers and employers during these challenging times.

The first iteration of Studium was designed to help connect students and graduates with employers across Australia. However, as the pandemic developed, we recognised the need to adapt and evolve in order to serve different markets. Please bear with us as we deepen talent pools across industries in an effort to assist candidates, job seekers and employers.

Additionally, if you think something is missing, get in contact with us and we will do our best to help you!




Want to find work during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We can help.


1. Determine whether you are an unskilled worker, a skilled worker or a student.

Unskilled – You don’t possess any formal qualifications but have prior work experience.

Skilled – You possess formal qualifications and have prior work experience.

Students – You are currently studying or just finished your degree.

​​2. Create a FREE profile on Studium.

Studium is an exciting, new recruitment platform that helps jobseekers connect with employers.

When you sign up, you will be guided through the simple process of completing your profile and prompted for info relating to your education, qualifications and past work experience.

The best thing about Studium is that you only have to create your profile once and then employers can find you immediately.

If you get shortlisted by an employer or they request to get in touch, Studium will notify you via email and you can arrange a time to chat.




The COVID-19 pandemic has forced employers to make some difficult decisions.

Luckily, Studium can help.


Need more staff during the pandemic?

Studium is a platform designed to connect candidates and jobseekers with employers across Australia. It simplifies and speeds up the recruiting process, allowing you to search for specific qualifications and skill sets that are relevant to your business. Then you can shortlist the best candidates, take a deeper look at their profiles and connect with those you want to interview or hire.

Better yet, Studium is making the platform FREE for all businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic and offering to assist employers set up their profiles.

Sign up today and begin searching through over 7,000 candidates!

Have staff you can’t use at the moment?

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