Disability Jobs Connect

About the program

The Disability Jobs Connect program has been created to help people with a disability overcome the challenges of gaining employment and connect with potential employers who recognise the unique skills and attributes they possess.

People with a disability can create a profile in Studium showcasing their skills, attributes, values, previous experience and more. Employers can then search on this information, view candidate profiles and connect with those best aligned to their business and available role.

People or groups helping the candidate with their employment – including Disability Employment Service Providers, the NDIS or a candidate’s legal guardian – can be linked into the activity between employers and candidates.

This is a joint initiative between National Disability Services in Western Australia and Studium supported by Lotterywest.


Candidate benefits:

  • Showcase your skills and attributes
  • Create your profile once and then add to it as you gain skills and experience
  • Choose whether you share that you have a disability
  • Loop your legal guardian, Disability Employment Service or NDIS provider into your connection requests and communications with employers

Employer benefits:

  • No job ads - simply search for the skills, values and attributes you require
  • Find candidates with a disability that meet your search requirements
  • Highlight your organisation's commitment to diversity and inclusion

Disability Employment Service Provider benefits:

  • Early engagement with employers to ensure candidate support, experience and engagement
  • Find more inclusive employers, aligned to your clients' interests and needs
  • Manage all clients in one platform
  • Access reporting and analytics on connections to employers

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Candidate FAQs

If I tick the 'I have a disability' box, what does this do?

When you tick the 'I have a disability box it gives you the option to add information about your disability.

Selecting the “I have a disability” checkbox will help your profile to be found by employers who are actively looking to improve diversity and inclusion of people with disability in their workforce. It will also help start a conversation about any adjustments that may be necessary during the recruitment and onboarding process as well as throughout employment. You can change your selection for this checkbox at any time.

Why do candidates select the “I have a disability” checkbox?

  • A growing number of employers are actively looking to hire people with disability
  • These employers generally have an understanding of the adjustments that may be required for an interview 
  • Selecting the “I have a disability” checkbox will help these employers to find your profile
  • We expect that selecting this checkbox is likely to improve the chances of securing a suitable job for a person with disability

Some candidates choose not to share that they have a disability because

  • They prefer to leave the conversation about their disability until a later stage in the recruitment process
  • They are concerned that they may get discriminated because of their disability

How do I share/remove information about my disability from my public profile?

You can change whether you share information about your disability on your public profile at any time - All you have to do is untick the 'I have a disability' box. Your previously entered information will remain in case you change your mind in the future. 

Who can see my profile?

If you are over 18 years of age, all potential employers can see your profile. However, they will not receive your contact details until you accept their connection request.

How do I allow my Disability Employment Service (DES) provider to help with my employment search?

You can ask your DES provider to create an account for you through their Studium account. This will automatically link you to them and allow them to receive your notifications. 

If you already have an account, you can simply tick the "I have a Disability Employment Service provider helping with my employment search" box and choose your provider from the drop down box. 

In the next section which reads "I want my notifications to go to", make sure to tick the "My Disability Employment Service provider" box.

Employer FAQs

What is a DES? How can they help?

DES stands for Disability Employment Service. A DES assists candidates with a disability find meaningful employment through mentoring, support and training. There are over 80 Disability Employment Services in Australia. 

When you connect with a candidate linked to a DES their DES will also get a notification.

How do we make our profile stand out to candidates with a disability?

When editing your organisation's Studium profile, make sure to tick the "We are looking to hire candidates with a disability" box on the Employing tab. 

This will expand the section and allow you to choose from a list of accessibility and inclusion attributes and/or use the free text box to provide more information about your capacity to support candidates with a disability. 

Disability Service Provider FAQs

How do we upload our candidates into the platform?

Login as a DES. Click on the 'Candidates' tab. Click 'Excel operations' and download the sample improt file. Fill out the relevant information and fields. 

Click on the 'Excel operations' button and import from Excel. Upload the spreadsheet and wait for the process to complete.

A registration email, containing login information, will automatically be sent to all candidates.

Refresh your page and the candidates will appear.

How do we link to a candidate that already has an account?

Ask the candidate to follow these instructions. 

When editing your candidate profile in Studium, tick the "I have a disability" box. Next, tick the "I have a Disability Employment Service provider helping with my employment search" box and choose your provider from the drop down box. 

In the next section which reads "I want my notifications to go to", tick the "My Disability Employment Service provider" box.