It’s because the world knows that graduates can
add massive value to your business.

Studium is a platform that gives small
businesses the same access to graduates that
major firms do. It’s easy, fast and affordable.

Find Talented Graduates Now



Studium is Australia’s first online platform that gives employers their pick of the sharpest minds from Australian universities. It’s the smart new way to hire staff, incredibly fast, at a fraction of the cost.

Studium connects you with enthusiastic minds in your industry, directly from university, who are eager to work for you and prove themselves as great employees.

Whether you’re looking for an intern, a short term backfill, a part time employee or a full time worker, Studium has the right candidate for you.

What type of employer are you?

Some employers take a dim view of graduates, assuming that an inexperienced worker wouldn't be worth the time. But Studium allows you to easily manage that risk with:

  1. In depth profiles which show you FAR more than any resume, including work examples, videos, and certified academic records.
  2. Psychometric test results on potential candidates - know how they think before you even chat.
  3. Low cost base - the money and time you save on recruitment and salaries usually more than mitigate the chance you take on any new hire.
Ann Brinkamp - Talent Engagement
Studium is a tool that allows me to look behind the facade that everyone puts up when they write an application. The overall experience off using Studium from a recruiter's point of view was quite life changing.

Whichever type of employer you are, there is one truth about graduates that almost everyone misses.

Graduates are unique!

Some have extraordinary abilities and others are great at getting things done, but each and every one of them chose to dedicate their time, effort and passion to learning how to be valuable to your business, industry or field.

And they are eager to show you what they’re capable of.

We know what a lot of employers are thinking 

1.I just need someone now

2.I don't have time to train someone up

3. I need to keep my labour costs under control

At Studium we bridged the gap between what employers
need and how to turn graduates in to well performing
employees in their first week.

Need someone now?

Studium provides a completely new way to search and view valuable work style indicators to help recruit graduates.

That means you can select and interview the right grad for your business in as short as a few hours. No more sifting through applications, posting expensive job ads or waiting for the chosen candidate to serve out their notice period.


Need Productivity from day one?

We know a lot of employers have so much on their plate, that employing an experienced person may seem easier. So that’s why we went to work creating simple onboarding tools to take all the hard work out of bringing on a graduate, and have them completing tasks and creating value for your business on day 1.

Want to keep your labour costs under control?

Not only is Studium more affordable than typical recruitment advertising, it speeds up the process to save you thousands in productivity. Employing grads can create real value for your business, at a typically lower cost than experience workers and once onboarded can create a similar value to an experienced worker


A new approach to staffing.


Studium gives you thousands of in-depth Student profiles which include not only the candidate’s details, but examples of their work, their grades, a personal bio, psychometric test results and even a video of themselves showing how they can be a benefit to your business.

No more guesswork on who to spend time interviewing – with Studium, you know everything you need about who you’re looking at, right away.

Just shortlist your favourite candidates, and we’ll put you in touch directly to arrange a call or interview, at your convenience. Simple, easy, and fast.

Getting Started with Studium is as easy 1. 2. 3.





When you sign up for Studium
here’s what we offer.

Easily shortlist high quality candidates with rich, detailed search parameters.
Save money with fast recruitment and low-cost, talented students.
View psychometric testing results from your shortlisted applicants.
Connect directly with your selected students & graduate to interview.

Built by business owners, for business owners

Studium was carefully built by a group of experienced professionals who have a long history in recruitment, running organisations, and dealing with universities and industry leaders.

We’ve been working behind the scenes for years to create the perfect platform that makes it easy for both students and employers to find each other, and work together in a meaningful way.

Why Studium?

 Easy Search

Find and shortlist potential candidates who fit your exact job requirements in an easy-to-use online platform on your phone or laptop.

Know What You're Looking At

Gain critical insight into your candidates before you even meet – Studium student profiles include photos. work examples, psychometric test results and personal videos from the candidate.

Any Kind of Employee You Need

Whether you’re looking for an intern, someone to work over the holidays, a part -time employee or you’re filling a full-time position, Studium has candidates that want the same thing you do.

Take Your Pick

Choose from thousands of eager students and graduates who have been studying your industry for years.

Studium is a wonderful platform that Curtin University is really happy to be involved with, because it’s providing our students with opportunities for the future. I recommend Studium because I think it's a wonderful platform, not just for universities to provide to their students, but also for employers and the industry and that real connection between the university and employers.

Jill Downie

DVC, Curtin University


What is Studium?

Studium is an online platform that allows students and employers to connect with each other directly. On Studium’s platform, you can easily search for the perfect Student or graduate to fill your position, and you get way more information on candidates than you do with conventional recruiting methods.

How does it work?

Once you register with Studium, we’ll email you a link so you can quickly create an employer profile. From there, you have the option of performing a manual search, using search criteria that suits your needs, or you can actively post opportunities, and Studium will serve you suitable candidates.

All you need to do is shortlist the candidates you’re interested in, and when you’re ready, we put you directly in touch with your favourites. in a few clicks, you could be chatting with and hiring your next staff member. Easy

Does it cost money to use Studium?

Studium is free to register for and search for candidates. We charge a small fee for contacting your preferred candidates – the amount depends on how many candidates you reach out to, and the package you’re on. However, it’s far less expensive than traditional job ad sites, and a lot quicker.

Why should I register with Studium?

Starting your search early means you get first pick at the cream of the crop.

Can I find unpaid interns on Studium?

Yes, you can. While many students are excited to start earning even a small salary from their first professional appointment, there are also students who will gladly trade their time and effort for industry experience and the opportunity to network with industry professionals. On Studium, you can look for interns, vacation workers, part-time and full-time employees.

Imagine never having to sort through resume’s again – with Studium, you get rich, informative profiles of the brightest new employees giving you all the insight you need for your next hire.